Heights Of Well known Edifices

By admin ~ May 19th, 2010. Filed under: Edifices.

Eiffel Tower, Paris 989 feet

Washington Monument 555 feet

Pyramid, Cheops, Egypt 543 feet

Cathedral, Cologne 511 feet

Steeple, St Stephen’s, Vienna 460 feet

Pyramid, Khafras, Egypt 456 feet

St Martin’s Church, Bavaria 456 feet

Chimney, Port Dundas, Glasgow 454 feet

St Peter’s, Rome 448 feet

Salisbury Spire, England 406 feet

St Paul’s, London 365 feet

Parliament House, London 340 feet

Cathedral, Magdeburg 337 feet

St Patrick’s, New York 328 feet

St Mark’s, Venice 328 feet

Cathedral, Bologna 321 feet

Norwich 309 feet

Chichester 300 feet

Lincoln 300 feet

Capitol, Washington USA 300 feet

St James’ Cathedral, Toronto 316 feet

Trinity Church, New York 283 feet

Cathedral, Mexico 280 feet

Companile Tower, Florence 276 feet

Porcelain Tower, Nankin 248 feet

Custom House, St Louis 240 feet

Canterbury Tower 235 feet

Notre Dame, Paris 232 feet

Chicago Board of Trade 230 feet

St Patrick’s, Dublin 226 feet

Cathedral, Glasgow 225 feet

Cathedral, Lima 220 feet

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